Sunday, 3 February 2013


So as I started reading the new trends that are set out for this Autumn the trend that struck me and caught my eye was the rise of oversized clothing, bags, outerwear and accessories.

The bigger the better is my motto this autumn, with cocoon coats, pillow-sleeved jackets, billowing trousers and structured skirts being displayed in all the collections.

"Oversize was the cool new message this season: shoulders were dropped, lengths were long and trousers had low crotches," Vogue fashion director Lucinda Chambers explains. "It's a look ideal for a confident tomboy who likes to keep things simple, strict and streamlined."

But what is the easiest way to oversize?
The easiest and best way is to contrast volume with slimline structure in a stylish pairing of opposites. Put a pencil skirt together or pair of jeans together with a big baggy jumper and on top an oversized coat.

It's not just oversized clothes that are a hit on a runway, oversized bags are also a must have this Autumn. Occasionally a trend comes along that works not only as a style statement, but one that is practical too.

Supersized handbags are the way to look fashionable and in the know. They look fabulous and in this supersize scale your bag will be hard to miss - but even better, their maxed-out capacity means they can hold all of your worldly possessions.

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