Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Kristen Stewart

So Kristen Stewart's stylist has revealed Kristen's top 5 party dress tricks that she has. Are you a fan of Kristen's party/chic/rock look? She's switched from awkward fashion hater to complete red carpet goddess, with amazing side-swept hair and she still manages to hold onto her all important 'I couldn't care less' in the process. That'll be largely down to her hot stylist, Tara Swennen She's touched down on the art of turning young starlets into icons without resorting to rubbish.
Tara’s Top 5 Party Dressing Tips
1. 'Always consider the occasion first and foremost – like if it’s a formal and upscale gathering you should consider a conventional, classic cut. But if it’s a fun filled silly party, you can vamp up the sex appeal in a fun cocktail dress!'

2. 'Know your body type - choose a cut and print that complements your body and accents your best features rather than following a trend. Wear shapewear and heels that you know can last you through the night and remember that sometimes comfort is a key factor in how you carry yourself!'

3. 'Go with your mood - If you are feeling sassy-try sparkles or a bold print. If you are more of the conservative type try a sophisticated pencilled sheath in a rich colour and have fun with accessories or a bold lip colour or hairstyle to make it more playful!'

4. 'Avoid over-accessorising! Pick one bold item and keep everything else clean and simple.'

5. 'Think about your heel choice - the hottest heels are always the ones that give your leg the best curvature by lifting and shaping - so in general, the higher the better! Try a sexy strappy by Aquazurra or a super sexy Pigalle pump by Christian Louboutin.'

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