Saturday, 24 November 2012

Fierce Vs pretty

Something that really caught my eye this week was a trend that comes around every so often but is now once again back. Fierce Vs pretty is here and more striking than ever.

From pretty bows to delicate lace or hardcore leather and black. Which fashion tribe do you belong to?

Latest Fashion Trends 

When I hear the word pretty I think cute little bows, pink and ruffles. When I hear the word fierce I think black, lace, red and leather.

Can Fierce and pretty be combined? Or Do they have to be worn as two different styles?

There is not one answer to this as every person has their own taste and own style but in my opinion pretty and fierce should be combined. Who is to say that a dress can’t be pretty and fierce in one?

 This is an ideal example of combining the themes of fierce and pretty together in to a dress. This dress’s main colour is black yet the shocking pink bows and pink netting adds to the design of the dress, giving it a girly feel.

There is no right or wrong answer whether or not the style fierce and pretty go together as each person should have their own individual style.  

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Winter 2012

So, winter is finally here and it’s that time of year where everyone is wondering what the trends are for this season. Luckily I am going to enlighten you on some of this winters fads.

Over sized Jumpers: 
Like every year knitted jumpers are always a hit when it comes to winter. This year it’s not just about regular knitted jumpers it’s about over sized and chunky jumpers. Be sure that you will be making a huge statement when you wear an over sized jumper or an over sized jumper with a bold pattern. Don’t just stop at the jumper though, accessorize these jumpers by adding a belt, a clutch on a bold necklace. The bigger the better is this seasons phrase for me.

Choosing the right winter coat is the biggest sartorial choice of the shopping year. The trend of having clothing over sized is very much in fashion this winter. Like having an over sized jumper is a must this winter so is an over sized coat. Big is beautiful this winter; exaggerated proportions and wide set shoulders, crank up the volume on outwear. The coats do not have to be bold, statement colours to attract attention. The bigger the coat results in the more attraction you get, not the bigger the colour the more attraction. Neutral colours like nude, blue, grey and cream are all coats that can be worn on top of any outfit to create the perfect winter look.

A strong trend this winter is the military look. It has gone from catwalk to high-street within a blink of an eye and is bang on trend this winter. This look can be seen in al clothing from boots to belts to shirts and to trousers. Khaki is the main colour behind this trend and can complete an outfit by adding one piece with military style.