Monday, 24 October 2011

Winter 2011

The winter season is fast approaching so the thing on everyone’s mind is what to wear? As one knows a real fashionista plans their wardrobe a season in advance.
So why not start thinking about special looks that all your friends are going to want to be wearing this season? So why not start but differentiating the colours that suit the winter season the best.

Colour trend #1 Soft colours. It is indispensable to keep in mind that in autumn and winter colours shouldn’t be as bright as they are in spring and summer. But it in no way means you have to go black, grey and brown. You can choose any colour you like but make sure it is more subdued rather than flashy. Or you can opt for soft hues including lavender, cantaloupe, spindrift, or honeydew.

Colour trend #2 Mood-improving bright details. If you think soft hues are dull there is another great colour trend for you to chose – bright details. Add bright accessories to you look, like scarves, bags or hats, find a great-looking pair of boots, or go for one vibrant item that will become the focus of your attire. Be smart to keep the balance. Too many vivid colours in one look in summer are playful and interesting, but in winter it looks vulgar. 'Amber' this season. The softness of the colour is matched by the fluidity of the lines, with body hugging skirts opening out towards the hem, waisted jackets with tiny drapes at the neckline that add substance to the shoulders, ultra sleek blazers with Nehru collar and straight shoulders, constructed with an unusual dynamic that projects them gently forward. A mysterious colour, deep and rich, radiant with a thousand subtle nuances that define the play on amber. In a tour de force of skill and coherence, the entire collection explores this most natural but luxurious of shades: from havana, sandalwood, rosewood, darkest wenge and translucent tortoiseshell through to the warm faceted tones of true amber

Colour trend #3 mix of bright and dark. There is no reason that bold bright colours need to be separated from the dark and boring colours. The way to make the dark and boring colours more interesting and brightening them up is to blend and mix your dark colours with all the bright colours. Metals and textures in fabrics and bright colours combined with Black, Dark Brown, Gray and neutrals will bring sensational outfits. Jade, Peony, Rich Curry, Amber, Brick and Bittersweet Brown are all colours that are to out there on their own but look beautiful when toned down with a dark colour.